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CGMP is an Initiative of Redruth 2000 a registered Charity. The project began and was funded by Dr. F.L. Harris in 1991 who was Chairman of the Murdoch House Management Adult Education Subcommittee.

Dr. Harris enlisted the help of Mrs. Moira Tangye to create a database of Cornish Miners who emigrated to the USA. This the foundation of CGMP was then known as CAC ( Cornish American Connection). As the database grew Dr. Harris and Mrs. Tangye realised the historical importance of their work and decided to expand the database to include Cornish Migrants around the world. The new project CGMP under the Direction of Sharron Shwartz began in 1997. Sharron resigned from the project in 2003 and Juliet Jenkins took over the project. Juliet was replaced as Director in 2010 by Mike Kiernan who resigned his position in March 2023.

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Through the hard and dedicated work of volunteers over the years the database has grown significantly and it’s importance to the history of Cornwall, Cornish Miners, their families, sacrifices and contributions to the world remains paramount to this project. Redruth 2000 who are the caretakers and sole proprietors of all data, information, or related materials and objects pertaining to CGMP will continue with the project and fulfil the vision of Dr. Harris and all those who have volunteered to make the project what it is today.

Most notable is the small town of Real del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico where Cornishmen travelled in 1823 to work the silver mines. 200 years later the legacy of the Cornish remains. The people of Real del Monte celebrate their close relationship with the town of Redruth, Cornwall (they are Twinned towns). In Real del Monte you will find Cornish flags and the only Pasty Museum in the world. This lovely Magical town is known all across Mexico for their Pastes (Pasties) and their annual International Paste Festival. A three day long celebration of the friendship and kinship between Real del Monte and Redruth.

The Cornish engine houses still stand tall and proud in the town and the Pantheon de los Inglesis (The English Cemetary) is a stark reminder of the close relationship between our two towns. CGMP tells the story and the history of not only Real del Monte but of all the towns in countries around the globe where Cornishmen worked the mines. Redruth 2000 is currently undertaking the task of revitalising the CGMP, updating the database into a modern, more user friendly and robust database system. We will carry on the work of those who helped to tell the story of Cornishmen who travelled the world. Cousin Jacks.


It is important to note that CGMP is NOT the sole property or project of any individual person, nor is it the property of any group or organisation apart from Redruth 2000 who are the only authorised organisation who may use the data, (digital, printed or written) information and related articles, objects, materials or information associated with CGMP. Any use, distribution, publication digital, written or any other format for personal use, financial gain, self promotion, research purposes or any other reason, of any and all data pertaining to the diaspora database of CGMP by any individual, group or organisation or any use of the name or acronym CGMP (Cornish Global Migration Programme/Project) or reference to without the express written approval of Redruth 2000 is strictly prohibited.